5 Fast Stats for July

The month of July is officially behind us and August has begun. That means it is time to look at 5 interesting details for the month of July!

1. Cheapest home sold in Omaha
A vacant ranch was on the market for 16 days and sold for a only $9,000 and it wasn't even bank owned! Not surprisingly the new owner paid cash.

2. Most expensive home sold in Omaha
A 7,112 square foot beauty sold for $1,950,000. It came complete with its own outdoor pool, 7 fireplaces, and a "ladies boudoir." You would have had to acted quickly to make this one home because it sold in only 4 days!

3. Cheapest home sold in southwest Iowa
This home was for sale via HUD and sold for $12,510 after being on the market for 53 days. It had over 1300 square feet and was a 1.5 story bargain.

4. Most expensive home sold in southwest Iowa
For a whopping $850,000, you could have purchased a ranch on 20 acres with scenic views, a chef's dream kitchen and your very own barn.

5. Number of homes and condos sold
There were 1,769 homes and condos sold in southeastern Nebraska and southwestern Iowa in the month of July. That is a lot of moving boxes!

Which part of the real estate transaction makes you the most curious? Let us know.